In this continued archetype of an account with “Sunday Morning” contributor Serena Altschul, the author and Oscar-winning biographer Kenneth Lonergan talks about the agent of his 2000 ball “The Waverly Gallery,” currently presented on Broadway in a critically-acclaimed awakening starring Elaine May, as able-bodied as his experiences, absolute and negative, in the apple of film. 

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LONERGAN: “Waverly Gallery” is about the aftermost brace activity years in the activity of a Greenwich Village arcade owner. It takes abode in 1989, it’s based on my grandmother and my family, and it’s about her aftermost years aggravating to authority assimilate her activity and her arcade as she affectionate of block away. She’s got dementia, and it’s about how she tries to adhere on to what she’s got, and how her family, her babe and grandson and all them cope with this acutely difficult end of life.

ALTSCHUL: Is it your best autobiographical work?

LONERGAN: [As Matthew Broderick put it], it’s my best absolutely autobiographical work. The capacity are all absolute abundant fatigued from my acquaintance and from my family. And all the characters are absolute carefully modeled on my family. There’s a appearance who’s a painter who’s aggressive by a absolute guy, but his personality bears no affinity to the absolute guy, who I didn’t apperceive that well. That character’s somewhat invented. But it’s a play. It’s not a memoir. But it is a account play, I guess! (CHUCKLES)

ALTSCHUL: You said she was a lover of activity and people, added than the art and the gallery.

LONERGAN: She lived for aggregation and for association – I beggarly the association of others, not “high society.” Her accommodation was a amusing hub in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. I anticipate added the ’50s. She was a big Village leftie. She was affectionate of a bendable communist, I like to alarm her. She wasn’t, like, a determined political person, but she was consistently absolute animate in politics. She was a affiliate of the American Labor Party. She did a lot of appointment on accommodation issues. She was somehow affiliated in with absolute estate, as she consistently begin apartments for everyone, her accompany and ancestors I mean. This was all afore I was born, so I don’t apperceive all the details.

ALTSCHUL: But she was an amazing woman.

Kenneth Lonergan’s grandmother, with her pet Dalmatian.

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LONERGAN: Yeah, she was amazing. She was very, absolute gregarious. She absolutely admired to allocution to bodies and she absolutely admired to talk. And afresh aback she got beforehand she became deafened and her apperception started to abatement away, and so it became harder for her to adore the capital affair in activity that she liked, which was to affix with bodies and to allocution to them. She started to allocution at them, and it became harder and harder for her to be affianced in the apple the way she capital to be. And additionally ’cause bodies tend to advance beforehand bodies abreast aback they alpha to blooper away. And it’s unfortunate, ’cause bodies affectionate of accelerate an end that’s assured and doesn’t accept to be absolutely as separate. Bodies don’t absolutely accept to be as afar from the aggregation of others as sometimes we abstracted them, in this adeptness anyway.

ALTSCHUL: And the arcade itself, there wasn’t abundant activity on there in the end.


ALTSCHUL: But she was activity there.

LONERGAN: Yeah, she went there all the time. She doesn’t do it to accomplish money, but it’s a way to absorb her time. And for years it was a absolutely activity local, Greenwich Village gallery, which doesn’t absolutely abide anymore, I guess. The absolute acreage wasn’t boundless in those days. She busy the arcade from the aboriginal ’60s to the backward ’80s, adapted afore the affectionate of gentrification and absolute acreage bang absolutely hit the Village. She busy the amplitude from the hotel. But not for a lot of money, I don’t think. And afresh they kicked her out. I anticipate this happens a lot. You know, affectionate of the rug’s pulled out from beneath you afore you’re ready, and afore it needs to be. And in the ball the gallery’s taken abroad afore she’s absolutely accessible to get out of it, and it seems so gratuitous, ’cause she would accept been gone a year afterwards anyway. And aloof to accelerate the assured by affectionate of demography bodies abroad from their homes and abroad from their lives because they become an inconvenience, is absolutely not great.

Kenneth Lonergan with Serena Altschul at the armpit of his grandmother’s art gallery, abreast the circle of Macdougal Street and Waverly Place. 

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ALTSCHUL: Aback did the abstraction affectionate of alpha saying, “I’m a play”?

LONERGAN: As I recall, a brace of years afterwards my grandmother died, I think, or anon afterwards. She died two years afterwards she confused in with my mother and out of her accommodation area she’d been for 30 years. I busy an accommodation in the aback of the architecture she owned. So I was there for her aftermost two years.

ALTSCHUL: And you were caring for her, in some ways, during that time?

LONERGAN: Peripherally. I was there. She rang the bell, I could assay in. My mother absolutely took affliction of her, but my mother lived flush and I was on the scene, so I was –

ALTSCHUL: So, you would accept to say, “Mom, things accept progressed here. We allegation advice now”?

LONERGAN: Yeah, and I’d assay in on her like that. But it wasn’t, like, I was 25 or 26. I wasn’t, like, a saint, spending all my time demography affliction of her. But I was there a lot. This absolutely aching final acquaintance of chastening happened adapted in my face, basically. Aloof the aftermost brace years of her activity where, you know, it’s a absolute slow, bit-by-bit decline. We don’t alike apperceive if she had Alzheimer’s or vascular dementia or what it was. Alzheimer’s wasn’t absolutely coined as the across-the-board for best forms of dementia. That would arise a brace of years later. But in any case, I beggarly bodies were still application the chat senile, which has gone out of appearance now.

ALTSCHUL: I assumption what I’m allurement is, why abode it?

LONERGAN: I don’t know.

ALTSCHUL: I mean, it’s aching to anticipate about and allocution about and to watch. Why?

LONERGAN: I anticipate because it was painful. I was young. I hadn’t had a lot of activity experience. You know, had had some abutting accompany who were beforehand go through absolute difficult medical situations. My best friend’s ancestor died absolutely young, and I was there for a lot of that.

But I hadn’t had a lot of bad activity experience. I grew up appealing accessible circumstances. And this was a big accord for me. Anyway, it seemed like this astronomic affair that I absolutely didn’t apperceive what to accomplish of.

ALTSCHUL: So aback you acquisition yourself in those situations, afresh you say, “I’m gonna abode this. I’m gonna put this on cardboard and afresh I can attack with it better—”?

LONERGAN: I anticipate so. You don’t absolutely choose. You do feel like the accountable is article you absolutely accept to put on paper, and you don’t apperceive why all the time.

ALTSCHUL: Already you’ve accounting article and put it bottomward on paper, does it afresh abide a abstracted amplitude from your memory? Is it a affectionate of a separation? Or is it still all attenuated together?

LONERGAN: It does. It’s funny, though, because it’s still absorbed to the absolute contest that affect it. But it does additionally become a play, you know? Or a film.

And this ball decidedly has a absolute able attendance as aloof apace memories. Aback I watch the play, I’m watching these actors in this adventure and this theatricalization of it, but I anticipate of the absolute contest that it mirrors aloof as often, which is not absolutely the case with my added work, which is a little bit beneath absolutely transcribed from my life. But additionally I was aggravating to do with the – it’s consistently awe-inspiring to allocution about your own work.

ALTSCHUL: Thank you for indulging us!

LONERGAN: No, no. It’s not that. Aloof you feel you do appetite it to angle on its own and not crave your descriptions of it. But it additionally is array of the abstraction of an attack to do a ball in some affectionate of documentary theatricalization, ’cause it’s absolute literal, and the contest are not accounting in any way as to try to abbreviate or angle the absoluteness to accomplish it added like a story.

It’s a funny chat to use, but there’s article fun for me about tryin’ to put it bottomward as if you looked into the room, that’s absolutely what you would see. You wouldn’t see annihilation bigger or abate than absolute life, and yet if you can acquaint a adventure with a beginning, average and an end in that aesthetic, afresh that’s absolutely arresting to try to do. And it’s arresting for the actors and the administrator to try to accomplish that arise to life. And that’s absolutely fun to do alike if the absolute is painful.

A arena from Kenneth Lonergan’s “The Waverly Gallery.” The playwright’s adventure of ancestors relationships and dementia, now on Broadway in a awakening starring Elaine May, Joan Allen and Lucas Hedges, recalls his grandmother’s aftermost years in decline.

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ALTSCHUL: Yeah. It’s difficult, I imagine.

LONERGAN: It is difficult. But it’s interesting. In a funny way, your memories of article you’re application directly, if you’re affairs absolute memories or adventures into the material, and affairs invented bodies and contest into the material, in a funny way it’s the aforementioned function. It’s aloof you accept to ad-lib beneath aback you’re application absolute life. And absolute activity is richer usually than your imagination. If you borrow a appearance from your life, you can borrow their absolute biography. You can apperceive a lot added about them they you adeptness apperceive about a appearance that you accept invented.

Or if you accumulated people, it’s absolute accessible to cull details. This one person’s ancestor was a assistant and his mother came from Ireland. And you know, you accept this advice about the actuality in the aback of your arch while you’re autograph the person’s dialogue. And it may never arise in the material, but you accept it agriculture aggregate that they say and do.

ALTSCHUL: So the constraints of the facts affectionate of accord you abandon to analyze the little details?

LONERGAN: Well, it gives you backup. They accord you advancement and depth. And the added you can draw from your life, as they say, the beneath you accept to invent.

And her personality is absolute vivid. And you know, I anticipate a lot of her animation is there, and her bite for actuality animate and complex and all of her altered qualities are on display, I suppose. And I’m abiding she’d adulation that Elaine May was arena her. I’m abiding she’d get bang outta that.

ALTSCHUL: It was 20 years ago that you were autograph “The Waverly Gallery.” As far as caring for aged and bodies with dementia, crumbling bodies with Alzheimer’s or any of these diseases, not abundant has afflicted today.

LONERGAN: Oh, I’m abashed that’s true. Yeah, I’m abiding that’s true. I anticipate it’s aloof absolutely difficult. You know, you feel like there are these options and none of them advance to a acceptable place. It’s absolutely adamantine to booty affliction of addition all day long. Alike if you accept the adequacy to do it, it’s about impossible. It’s absolute big-ticket to pay for addition abroad to do it. It’s absolute aching to put addition you adulation in a hospital or a nursing home, which is about a hospital. Best bodies don’t like actuality in those facilities. Best of those accessories aren’t so great. Bodies who are advantageous who don’t apperception actuality in them and the ones that are absolute nice, if you can allow them, are great. Not to adduce myself, but there’s a moment in the ball aback the narrator, the grandson says, “It feels like there’s some option, but you aloof can’t amount out what it is.”

And I anticipate the capital affair about it is that the actuality is still as animate as you are, and they can’t be relegated into the cachet of an invalid. They wanna be involved. They wanna be alive. They don’t accept that they don’t understand. And they don’t see themselves as addition who should be put on the shelf. And so that’s who you’re ambidextrous with, and they accept to be advised with that account at the aforementioned time you accept to booty affliction of them.

ALTSCHUL: And as addition who you love, dearly, the actuality is still in there, alike admitting things are scrambled.

LONERGAN: Yeah. And you kinda wanna say, “Where are you?” But afresh sometimes they aloof adeptness out and there they are.


LONERGAN: And that’s aback it’s a bit tricky, if you’re on the inside, to say, “Well, that’s okay. We’ll aloof set them up in this …. I’ll appointment already a anniversary or I’ll–” but generally you accept to do that, because there’s no added applied way.

And that’s the added affair that I’m absorbed in, anyway, is that a lot of these big situations arise bottomward to practicalities, like who can be there at 5:00? How are we gonna get her to go to the bath afterwards awkward her? How are we gonna accomplish sure, the actuality adeptness not wanna booty a shower, or they booty too many, you know? Or the locks on the doors, the gas on the stove, or aloof arrange of who’s gonna booty so-and-so to the doctor, to the eye doctor, and that becomes a big allotment of your life. And it’s article that’s kinda skipped over generally times.

ALTSCHUL: Yes. And their loneliness, their isolation, their confusion, their anxiety, absolute and unreal. All of those things that you blow on in this are really, it’s heavy. And funny, yreah.

LONERGAN: There’s all these attachments. You know, it’s not aloof awful. Like, people, their acceptable strengths arise out not in a affected way, but in a absolute alarming way. Bodies absolutely appointment adamantine to advice booty affliction of their admired ones everywhere, all over the world. And absolutely the bonds are absolute strong. It doesn’t accomplish it accept aback things go badly, but it is article that is admirable that’s brought out aback these absolute difficult things happen.

ALTSCHUL: Yeah, the ties aural the ancestors were admirable in the abbreviate hand. And the moments area there’s, you know, amusement or that affluence or understanding.

Why did you appetite to accompany this aback now?

LONERGAN: Well, you appetite your plays to accept a life. You don’t appetite them to be done already and forgotten. I would accept brought it aback earlier, if the affairs had lined up. It’s adamantine to get these productions up. And mainly you wanna get a abundant actuality in the advance role, and that’s area Elaine May comes in.

Elaine May as Gladys in “The Waverly Gallery.”

Brigitte Lacombe

ALTSCHUL: Would you accept brought it aback afterwards her?

LONERGAN: I would accept approved to. She was my aboriginal choice. She was all of our aboriginal – all of our– the aboriginal best of all of us. I’m not abiding what the grammar is there! (LAUGHTER) But she’s a genius, and she’s absurd in the part, and I consistently capital her to ball this role.

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ALTSCHUL: Why was she absolute for it?

LONERGAN: She’s a ablaze woman. She’s absolutely funny. She’s absolutely smart. She’s a abundant actor. Her moment to moment absoluteness in the ball is remarkable. She’s abundantly astute and she’s a lotta fun. And she belongs in this world, alike admitting she’s annihilation like my grandmother and the appearance is her invention, really. There are places area there’s this astonishing resonance that’s both Elaine, the appearance she’s playing, and my grandmother. And I don’t apperceive how she does that.

ALTSCHUL: Aloof speakin’ through her, right–?

LONERGAN: She’s incredible.

ALTSCHUL: “Waverly” opened to alarmingly abundant reviews. It’s been a box appointment hit. What would your grandmother say? (LAUGHS)

LONERGAN: I don’t anticipate she’d be too happy!

ALTSCHUL: She wouldn’t?

LONERGAN: No, I beggarly the ball is about her at a age she wouldn’t wanna be apparent at, and a accompaniment of apperception she wouldn’t appetite anyone to be attestant to.


LONERGAN: I’m abiding she’d adulation article that was about her in her heyday, but I don’t anticipate she would adore this at all. Although she’d be absolute blessed for me. She adeptness be able to put her claimed animosity aside. (CHUCKLES)

ALTSCHUL: You mentioned that you were active abutting aperture to her. How did you say yes? “Yeah, I’m gonna animate in grandma’s building. I’m movin’ in”?

LONERGAN: It was a abundant apartment! I was outta college, and was active in an accommodation on Bank Street that I was subletting from my brother-in-law. And my grandmother endemic this eight-unit architecture in the Village and this huge accommodation in the back, which was $900 a ages in 1986, which was a lot for me, became available, ’cause the guy who’d lived there for 17 years confused to Texas.

And my beforehand brother was gonna move in, but afresh he confused to Brazil. So I got to move in. And one of my academy accompany was my roommate, so we breach the rent. And I backward there for 20 years, 28 years.

ALTSCHUL: Both of your parents were psychiatrists. Do you anticipate that had an access on your adeptness to accompany so abundant compassionate and abyss and appearance analysis?

LONERGAN: I’m abiding it did. I mean, who knows?

ALTSCHUL: Did you anytime anticipate you would be absorbed in actuality an analyst or a psychologist? And how the academician works and how bodies accomplish the choices they make?

LONERGAN: No. Although I anticipate it’s article I would be acceptable at and that I would like and be absorbed in. It seems absolute interesting. But I don’t apperceive if I absolutely accept the attitude for it.

My stepfather, who’s still practicing, you apprehend him allocution about his appointment and it’s fascinating. He loves it. He’s absolute absorbed in people. He’s absolute undogmatic. He’s absolute smart. And it aloof sounds like a alluring affair to do all day long.

ALTSCHUL: They’re psychotherapists or psychiatrists?

LONERGAN: They’re psychoanalysts. They’re Freudian psychoanalysts. Adapted bottomward the line!

ALTSCHUL: Bristles canicule a week?

LONERGAN: I don’t apperceive that, cipher does that anymore. But yeah, I don’t anticipate he has any full-time analytic patients anymore.

ALTSCHUL: What about the action of writing? Who kinda guided you there?

LONERGAN: Well, you know, a agglomeration of people. The capital actuality who helped me was Matthew Broderick’s mother, Patsy Broderick. She was a absolutely acceptable friend, so I consistently feel funny calling her a abecedary or a mentor, but she that also. She was aloof the smartest actuality I’ve anytime met.

ALTSCHUL: Absolutely the smartest actuality you’ve anytime known?

LONERGAN: I’d say so. Yeah. As far as I’m aware. I may accept met added smarter bodies but not announced to them. No, she was absolutely brilliant. She had this absurd insight. She aloof was absolute afraid and additionally very, absolute insightful.

ALTSCHUL: I adulation that she affectionate of got to the affection of what some of your works were about, afore you knew.

LONERGAN: Oh yeah. She’d consistently apperceive what you were doing. And she’d apperceive aback you weren’t absolutely accomplishing it the way it capital to be done. And she aloof had a absolute abstruse compassionate of – I abhorrence to alarm it this – how the artistic action works. And she additionally had a abstruse compassionate of how ambiguous it can be. I showed her every distinct affair I wrote that I cared about, from the time I was in 10th or 11th brand to, I was about, well, 40 years old. And she died, so that was the end of that. But I didn’t absolutely feel like I had finished, I didn’t feel safe with the absolute till she’d said it was okay.


LONERGAN: Yeah. It wasn’t, like, I consistently agreed with her. And I got to apperceive her tastes a little bit, and I got to accept area they diverged from mine. And she was additionally very, absolute honest and blunt, afterwards actuality mean, but it was absolute valuable, ’cause best people, you beg your accompany to be accurate with you, and they tend to blue-pencil their criticisms a bit anyway, unless they’re aloof acute asses who like to criticize you, in which case you don’t allegation their help. (LAUGHTER) But it’s nice to accept addition who’s supportive, but very, absolute accurate with you.

ALTSCHUL: You’re so able-bodied accepted for your accustomed chat amid characters, it about feels as admitting we’re eavesdropping on a conversation. Area did you hone that? This natural, airy chat amid characters?

LONERGAN: Well, I try to charm absolute animal accent as best I can. And I mean, I accept a acceptable ear for dialogue, obviously, and I accept a acceptable accidental anamnesis for some things. I absence huge swaths of experience, but (LAUGHS) of little pieces that I remember, I bethink appealing well. I’ve consistently admired dialogue. I’ve consistently been absorbed in the way bodies talk. I wrote a science fiction atypical aback I was 11 and 12, or 12 and 13, article like that. It was alleged “The Admirable Apple of Pluto.” (LAUGHS)

ALTSCHUL: Oh my gosh. Your parents had their easily full.

LONERGAN: No, no! I was aloof sitting there typing. I don’t anticipate it was too abundant to cope, I was. But anyway, my ancestor apprehend article that I had accounting and he said, “Your chat is absolute good.” And I was so admiring that he had admired annihilation that I had done, that I afresh thought, “Oh, I’m absolute acceptable at dialogue.” And I don’t apperceive if I was or not, but I anticipate that one acclaim directed me, fueled me a bit and encouraged me. Who knows? I mean, cipher knows why anybody’s acceptable at anything.

ALTSCHUL: And it gives you confidence. You know? You do something, and somebody acknowledges a job able-bodied done, it gives you that added little something.

LONERGAN: Yeah, or alike if they say you’re acceptable at article you’re not acceptable at, you think, “Oh, able-bodied maybe …” It adeptness animate you to go in that administration a bit more.

ALTSCHUL: So, speaking of things that stood the analysis of time, how does “The Admirable Apple of Pluto” authority up now?

LONERGAN: Not too well! The pictures are good. (LAUGHTER)

ALTSCHUL: So, “Waverly Gallery,” “This Is Our Youth,” pieces of castigation that aloof angle the analysis of time. Years go by, you watch them again, they feel fresh, relevant. What is it? Is it that chat that makes a allotment feel timeless?

Michael Cera and Tavi Gevinson in the 2014 awakening of Kenneth Lonergan’s “This Is Our Youth.”

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LONERGAN: Who knows? The alone affair I can say, I carefully try to abstain actuality topical.

ALTSCHUL: Issues of the day are not on your bowl –

LONERGAN: Not really. There’s annihilation amiss with them, and if they accept some abyss to them, you know, you apprehend plays that are contemporary that are 30, 40, 50 years old and they’re admirable because they accept article besides topicality to them.

But I don’t apperceive whether this is blowing or what, or aloof a admiration for the absolute to break alive, but I try not to anguish about that too much. And it’s hard, it’s not absolutely for me to say. I achievement the plays are acceptable and acceptable abundant to animate above the aboriginal brace years aback they appeared.

ALTSCHUL: You know, “This Is Our Youth,” it’s a play, it’s adolescent people, and it’s aloof talking. They’re aloof all talking. Lots of talking. One adeptness think, “Oh, well, that’s, you know, affectionate of a simple play. They’re talking.” But that’s absolutely the best complicated affair to do, is to accept bodies artlessly talking.

LONERGAN: Yeah. Best plays are aloof talking! 


LONERGAN: You know, you can about-face the lights on and off, (LAUGHTER) if addition walks in or out. But yeah, because I’m aggravating to accomplish it resemble absolute activity as abundant as I can, I anticipate some of the – bodies accept said, “Well, annihilation happens in that play, but the dialogue’s absolute good.” But I anticipate if all that happened to you in two days, you’d anticipate you’d had absolutely an active weekend. So I absolutely anticipate a lot happens to those characters. And there’s not absolutely a artifice in “Waverly Gallery,” but there’s this progression. There’s a artifice of some kind. There’s a anatomy to it, or you couldn’t abode it. And I don’t apperceive that I feel afflicted or admiring aback sometimes bodies say, “There’s no belief in my plays,” ’cause I try absolute adamantine to accord – you can’t action afterwards a structure. You can’t aloof bandy actuality bottomward and accept it be interesting.


LONERGAN: You adeptness be absorbed for bristles or ten minutes, but afresh the basal drops out and you’re aloof like, “What’s gonna appear next? And I don’t care.”

ALTSCHUL: Right. So aback bodies say there’s no story, there are no artifice line, it’s no beginning, average and end. No, they beggarly article else?

LONERGAN: I don’t apperceive what they beggarly exactly, because you know, I generally acquisition aback I’m watching something, it’s aback they accompany in the amazing accident that I alpha to lose interest. Unless it’s a sensationalist story, in which case it’s great. You know, can be absolutely good. Like a spy novel. But alike those depend somewhat on their color to be compelling. And I mostly accept color as an anchor. But with no story, it’s not interesting.

ALTSCHUL: Let’s allocution about “You Can Count On Me” and how that adventure developed.

LONERGAN: It was a Naked Angels theatre aggregation one act. This is altered from how I usually work, but we would do one act plays, evenings of abbreviate pieces, which would be on a distinct theme, but very, absolute ample strokes. Like, one would be censorship and the added would be acceptance and the added would be women. I beggarly that’s a appealing ample – bisected the animal chase is a absolute ample topic! (LAUGHTER) So you can affectionate of abode whatever you want.

So there was an black about faith, whatever it meant to you. And I accept no religious acceptance at all, but I’m analytical about bodies who do. And I’m absorbed in bodies who don’t anticipate the way I do.

So, I had this abstraction about a brother and a sister, aloof started to anticipate what it agency to me. And I anticipation of acceptance in added people, acceptance in added people, and the abstraction of putting your acceptance in addition who may not necessarily accept acceptable it. And afresh the actuality aback bodies put their acceptance in you, sometimes you try to animate up to it. Alike if initially they were authoritative a mistake.


LONERGAN: And that somehow got about to this brother and sister, one of whom was a religious actuality and the added of whom wasn’t. One of ’em had affectionate of a belted existence. The added is all over the place. Has a lot of freedom, but no foundation. And afresh I thought, “Well, this is great. I like these two characters. I adulation this little scene.” And afresh I was clumsy to abode it for eight months. I don’t apperceive why.

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ALTSCHUL: So it aloof had to sit there. A little berry in your academician somewhere, and you aloof let go. Let it sit aback there. And afresh what happens? What changes area you feel like, “Oh, I’ve got article – “?

LONERGAN: I accept no idea. No idea. It percolates somehow. I sometimes admiration about that, ’cause there’s generally a adjournment amid aback you accept an abstraction and you’re able to abode it.

ALTSCHUL: And you booty that abstraction that was aloof a little asset of a brother-sister, altered worlds, altered perspectives on meaning. And it changes into article bigger now.

LONERGAN: Yeah, so I wrote the scene. It was about 12 pages long. And I absolutely admired it. We performed it. The two actors were aloof great. And it seemed to me, I absolutely admired the characters. I anticipation maybe I would use them for article abroad someday.

And I was watching a play, it had a little kid in it. My apperception was kinda wandering. And I thought, “Oh gee. What if the sister in the one act had a son, and the brother, who’s a bit irresponsible, formed a accord with him and afresh affectionate of let him bottomward a lot?” And I thought, “Oh, that sounds like a absolutely acceptable story.” To me, anyway.

And I anon anticipation of the accomplished blur in a way in my head, aback I was watching that play. And I knew I had a acceptable arc for a abounding story. And afresh it’s generally adamantine to alarm how these things arise about. In that case I affectionate of knew what the capital accord was, what the catastrophe would be, and what the anatomy of the contest was activity to be. And afresh it was a catechism of bushing things in. Like I thought, “Okay, so he’ll let the kid bottomward in assorted ways, three or four times.” But I didn’t apperceive what those would be. And afresh added things alpha to happen. It’s like accomplishing a crossword puzzle. Like, you’re stuck, stuck, ashore on one word, and afresh there’s an adjoining chat that you amount out and it gives you one letter to the chat you don’t have. And afresh it gives you that accomplished word, and the accomplished affair starts to arise into place.

Laura Linney and Mark Ruffalo in Kenneth Lonergan’s “You Can Count on Me.”

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ALTSCHUL: Right. The anatomy builds from the inside-out.


ALTSCHUL: So afresh from autograph novels, plays, screenplays, you decide, “I’m gonna try directing.” Aback does a adolescent man decide, “I’m activity to try administering now. This feels like a acceptable choice?”

LONERGAN: Aback he realizes that he’s actuality added of a backseat disciplinarian as a author than he affliction to be.

ALTSCHUL: Not abundant control.

LONERGAN: Well, or actuality too authoritative afterwards actuality in charge, because if you’re gonna accept a director, you accept to let them direct.


LONERGAN: And if you wanna do aggregate for them, you should absolute it yourself (LAUGH) or shut up. (LAUGHTER) Or at atomic footfall aback a little bit.

ALTSCHUL: How did you apprentice that?

LONERGAN: Well, I aloof [had] one baby theatre acquaintance afterwards another. And afresh I additionally noticed, not to be immodest, that I generally had an abstraction about how the arena could be played out. I anticipate I’m added aggressive appear actors than some of the admiral that I had formed with were. And I begin that I was able to acquaint with the actors, I thought, bigger than some of the admiral that I’d formed with.

ALTSCHUL: So you’re an actor’s director?

LONERGAN: I am, I guess, because I was aggressive that way from a absolute adolescent age. Matthew’s mom was an acting coach, and one of the things she would advice me with aback I was autograph plays was to say, “Listen, no one can act this. This is descriptive. This would go accurately in a book, but no one would say this and no one can act it.” For whatever acumen that access wasn’t actable. And she was absolute abundant appear what was appear the behavior, and not so abundant the words.

But I additionally formed with some admirable directors. But alike if they were wonderful, I could feel myself affectionate of accepting in their hair, added than was appropriate. And I thought, the added affair is that I still don’t feel the allegation to absolute theatre all the time. I accept two plays that I directed ’cause I had a absolute specific abstraction of how I capital them to be, the accomplished design. But my added play, “The Waverly Gallery,” had this abundant director, Lila Neugebauer. And I’m able to participate afterwards demography over. And it works fine. For a movie, if you’re not gonna absolute it you adeptness as able-bodied say goodbye to the absolute forever, if you’re the writer.

ALTSCHUL: Do you feel that way about screenplays now? If you’re not administering it, you aloof say goodbye to whatever eyes you had?

LONERGAN: Yeah. That’s just–

ALTSCHUL: And aloof airing in the added direction–

LONERGAN: But that’s the system. I beggarly there’s two parts. One allotment is that that’s the assemblage for screenplays in this country. The added is that aback you do absolute you can kinda see why you adeptness not appetite the biographer blind around, because there’s so abundant you accept to do that is not to do with the script. That you accept to accept some adaptability with what you do with the script. On the added hand, if the assemblage was to be added admiring of the screenplay, anybody would appointment about that aloof fine.

ALTSCHUL: Can you allocution about “Manchester by the Sea”?

LONERGAN: That was unusual, ’cause that was an appointment at first, that became my own project. Because Matt Damon and John Krazinski came to me with the abstraction for the story.

ALTSCHUL: So they arise with a adventure idea, and say, “Here are the characters. We’re kinda cerebration this is the story.” They don’t arise with absolute presented. They say “We absolutely appetite you to abode this”?

LONERGAN: Yeah, they had an abstraction for a cine that they liked. And afresh they admired my writing, so they capital me to abode it. And Matt was gonna absolute it and he was additionally gonna be in it. And afresh eventually he wasn’t. Aback he apprehend the calligraphy he appropriate that I absolute it. And afresh as it angry out, he wasn’t able to be in it either because of his schedule. ‘Cause he’s consistently working. They had, like six projects backed up and there was a diminutive window which closed. So that’s how that came about. And it was abnormal because it wasn’t an appointment and I didn’t accomplish the material, but absolute bound aggregate in the blur became, it did accomplish afterwards a abbreviate time, ’cause I wasn’t able to abode the calligraphy any added way.

Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck in Kenneth Lonergan’s drama, “Manchester by the Sea.”

Roadside Attractions/Amazon Studios

ALTSCHUL: And you casting Casey.

LONERGAN: Yeah. And we concluded up casting Casey. We went adapted to Casey afterwards Matt became unavailable.

ALTSCHUL: Actually, abundant choice.

LONERGAN: He is amazing.

ALTSCHUL: Aloof accepting those kinds of performances out of actors, it alone happens aback you’ve got somebody who is an actor’s administrator who understands what it’s like on both sides.

LONERGAN: Well, they accompany so abundant to it. And afterwards that, you don’t absolutely accept abundant of anything. I mean, there are some directors, abundant directors, who aren’t decidedly aggressive appear the acting. And they affectionate of let the actors do what they’re gonna do. And if you get acceptable actors, that’s great.

ALTSCHUL: But aback you do it, you’re acceptance actors to booty the affairs and the risks. 

LONERGAN: Oh, you accept to. Well, I beggarly best of it’s casting. If you casting the adapted person, and the added you direct, the added you apprentice that it’s casting. Well, I knew that from the beginning, but the added you apprentice to get out of their way and shut up. (LAUGHS) ‘Cause they don’t absolutely allegation you cogent them aggregate all the time. They arise in absolutely a lot, and they accept a big job to do. And if they’re anywhere abreast www you appetite them to do, it’s absolutely a acceptable abstraction not to say too much. And it’s absolutely adamantine to apprentice that, because you’re, like, abounding of account of your own.

ALTSCHUL: Right. So does that arise with time? Wisdom? Mistakes?

LONERGAN: Mistakes. Like, you apprehension that afterwards you allocution they get worse. (LAUGHS) So afresh it’s absolute simple to accept that you shouldn’t talk!

ALTSCHUL: So “Manchester by the Sea” was greatly sad, disturbing, moving, emotional, let’s aloof say very, absolute sad.


ALTSCHUL: But the blur didn’t alarm bodies away. I mean, that affectionate of affair and the sadness, the grief, the loss. That could accept aloof been article bodies aloof aloof from, but it didn’t. What was it that resonated with bodies in that? Why were the audiences fatigued to that film?

LONERGAN: Well, it’s consistently adamantine to say, but I anticipate it’s not a backbreaking movie. It’s not a cine that’s tryin’ to exhausted you over the head. It’s not tryin’ to accomplish you afflicted and it’s not tryin’ to boost your face into misery. It tries to be a animal adventure about bodies activity through article absolute difficult and accomplishing their best. And that’s article interesting, there’s a accustomed affecting agreeable in there.


LONERGAN: And it makes it a adventure and not aloof a dirge. If it was chant it would be terrible. And not article apocryphal about it. I feel like there’s a falseness to the acute attributes of some comedies. And there’s an adverse falseness on the added end of the calibration to aback things are aloof too heavy, too miserable, too relentless, too bleak. Alike admitting activity can generally be acutely difficult, there’s consistently added things happening, so there’s a activity there’s a apocryphal artful activity to me aback you balloon to acknowledgment that the actuality at the added table is accepting a abundant time while you’re actuality burst up with by your adherent or worse.

We’re not all accepting the aforementioned acquaintance all the time. Or you know, it doesn’t rain aback you’re in a bad mood. You’re in a abhorrent mood, you go alfresco and it’s a admirable day. Or you’re in a abundant affection and it’s a backing day. And I anticipate befitting all those assurance in the air keeps it from actuality a black experience.

ALTSCHUL: So let’s go aback a little bit in time, kinda aboriginal on. You had aboriginal success in the blur business. “Analyze This.” You know, how did that arise about?

Robert De Niro played a brigand who seeks advice for his agitation attacks from Billy Crystal in the ball “Analyze This” (1999).

Warner Brothers

LONERGAN: “Analyze This” was an aboriginal calligraphy that I wrote. I never capital to be a biographer or a director, or I didn’t at first. I capital to be a playwright, but you can’t accomplish any money as a author unless you’re a absolute big deal.

And I had accompany who were authoritative acceptable money autograph screenplays, and they kept advancement me to do the same. And my stepfather gave me the abstraction for “Analyze This,” ’cause it was based on a absolute chestnut area a acclaimed Mafioso went to one of his colleagues – the alone Sicilian psychoanalyst in New York at the time, (LAUGHS) who had been approached by a acclaimed brigand who capital to allocution to him. And he saw him already and said, “Just don’t acquaint me anything. I don’t wanna apperceive annihilation about you or your activity or anything.” ‘Cause he didn’t wanna get involved.


LONERGAN: I anticipation it would be funny if he took him on and all sorts of abhorrent things happened afterwards! (LAUGHTER) It was a bit too aerial abstraction for me. But the abstraction was to abode a calligraphy and advertise it, and let them do to it whatever they were gonna do to it, but accomplish some money. Which is how it angry out. And afresh they concluded up authoritative the blur a few years later.

ALTSCHUL: What was your acquaintance with that process?

LONERGAN: I awash the script. I got a lotta money for it. I did two rewrites, flat rewrites, which were terrible. (LAUGHS) Abhorrent ideas, awfully accomplished by me. And afresh they bought the calligraphy outright, which is unusual.

ALTSCHUL: So the two rewrites were scrapped and –

ALTSCHUL: You go to the original. So I lived off of that script. My aerial was absolute low. I lived off that one calligraphy for three years. And I was able to abode plays and do what I capital for three years. And it gave me an access into the screenwriting world, and I rewrote added people’s scripts.

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ALTSCHUL: So Martin Scorsese says to you, “I allegation your help. Could you maybe add some abyss to the characters.” What does that mean, add some abyss to the characters and the script?

LONERGAN: Oh, it aloof agency accomplish them better.

ALTSCHUL: So you booty the calligraphy and there are specific characters that he gives you an assignment? Or this six characters? Or two? And I appetite you to absolutely accompany them to activity more. Accomplish them added approachable?

Daniel Day Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s  “Gangs of New York.”


LONERGAN: You know, they were accepting structural problems with the script. Mostly they were accepting problems with Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. They approved a agglomeration of altered account for him. Approved him actuality a algid blooded killer. And so they basically arise to you with their problems, and afresh additionally say, “And if you accept added problems with the script, you know, let us apperceive what you think, and maybe we should abode those, too.”

ALTSCHUL: So it’s a draft?

LONERGAN: They’re absolute far forth in that process. I was asked to arise on two weeks afore they were declared to alpha shooting.

ALTSCHUL: Holy – wow!

LONERGAN: Yeah. So they absolutely delayed cutting for a brace of weeks because they bare to appointment on the script. I apprehend the script. It was appealing bright area it was alive and area it wasn’t. Best of the actuality with Daniel Day-Lewis’ appearance was absolutely good, so I almost affected that. Leo’s appearance was array of all over the place.

And so you aloof kinda get in there and you aloof try to – aforementioned as with your own work, you try to anticipate of a actuality who feels active to you. You try to put that actuality into scenes. A lotta the chat I anticipation bare work, so I approved to accomplish the chat scenes better. I approved to beef up Cameron Diaz’s appearance as abundant as I could. You never apperceive what to do until you’re faced with a problem, afresh it’s absolutely accessible what you wanna try to do, anyway. And it was absolutely exciting.

ALTSCHUL: Do you adulation actuality accustomed a problem?


ALTSCHUL: Do you like to fix stuff?

LONERGAN: I do, yeah. And I do like that. It can be absolutely fun. And it’s nice to arise in and save the day. That cine was so backward in the action that every added cine I’ve anytime calligraphy doctored, they consistently carbon you afterwards you’re done anyway. It’s added like an exercise than a absolute artistic endeavor. But you’re not there to accurate yourself. You’re there to advice them out. So it’s accessible to airing abroad from.


LONERGAN: Yeah, and it’s not your movie. You’re there to argue and help. And it can be absolutely fun to try to do that.

ALTSCHUL: So “Margaret” is conceivably your least-seen movie, but additionally advised your adept work.

LONERGAN: Yeah, I anticipate it’s the best one I’ve done of the three [I directed]. I like all three of them, but I anticipate that’s the best interesting.

ALTSCHUL: Was that adventure fatigued from article in your life? Do you apperceive those characters?

LONERGAN: Aloof a little, well, a lot of the material. It additionally takes abode on the Upper West Side, area I grew up. The aerial academy that the babe goes to is based on my aerial academy absolute closely.


LONERGAN: Yeah. Absolute closely. And a lotta those conversations in the classroom were taken carefully out of our [classes]. Yeah, acute (LAUGH) and bold [kids]! Aggregate you abode is adopted from your own acquaintance or the acquaintance of bodies you accommodated or see in added films or plays, and it’s translated. Aloof a lot of borrowing and cartoon on from all sorts of places.

ALTSCHUL: And at its core, what is it about?

LONERGAN: That’s a little adamantine to say. If I could say in a sentence, I wouldn’t be demography up three hours of anyone’s time. (LAUGHS)

Kenneth Lonergan administering Matt Damon and Anna Paquin in “Margaret.”

Fox Searchlight

ALTSCHUL: Well, there was a lot of admirable things in that blur to attending at.

LONERGAN: It’s a little adamantine to say what it’s about. It’s about a boyish babe who’s adverse what the absolute apple is like for the aboriginal time. And it’s a absolute big world. And anybody abroad in it is aloof as absorbed in their activity as she is in her own.


LONERGAN: And that’s apparently why it’s so adamantine to get annihilation done. (CHUCKLES) Or get annihilation adapted in life, ’cause anybody abroad is advancing their own agenda, with absolute reason. Why shouldn’t they?

ALTSCHUL: I beggarly that’s what it is about, right? It’s aloof about advancing to agreement as a adolescent actuality acumen that everybody’s absolutely accomplishing their own thing. And you may feel like you’re at the centermost of article important, and that is true, in your own world.

LONERGAN: Yeah. So is everybody else.

ALTSCHUL: But in the admirable arrangement of things it’s adamantine to deathwatch up. Yeah.

LONERGAN: Yeah, it is hard. And abnormally as you’re acceptable an adult, and acceptable not aloof a action of your ancestors and your parents, to be adverse the complication of the blow of the world, and the actuality that added bodies are aloof as important as you are at that moment aback your own ego is anecdotic itself, is a absolute catchy moment in life. And it’s article that some bodies never arise to agreement with.

ALTSCHUL: Why was that blur a adamantine blur to accomplish in the end? Why were there so abounding troubles, if you apprehend about it or you apprehend some of the, you know, the lawsuit. What happened? Area did it go wrong?

LONERGAN: It’s a continued story. The abbreviate adaptation is that they didn’t assurance me to booty affliction of the blur afterwards it was shot, in the editing, and I didn’t accept the accuracy to put them at ease. And it aloof escalated. And none of us would budge. And it aloof went on and on and on.

ALTSCHUL: So if you were to do article differently, you adeptness accept said, “Okay, guys.” You mighta absolved them through it a little more?

LONERGAN: I woulda absolved them through it more. I would accept had added account for their anxieties, alike admitting I don’t anticipate I could accept had added account for their opinions about the film, ’cause they weren’t absolute arresting or aboriginal or anything. But on the added hand, that’s not what they’re there for. That’s what I’m there for.

They’re there to abutment and pay for the film, and they’re absolute afraid about how it’s gonna about-face out. And I anticipate I aloof – I would be a little added – I would absorb added time abating them and beneath time tryin’ to argue them to get off my back.

ALTSCHUL: And that’s aloof activity experience, right?

LONERGAN: Yeah, yeah.

ALTSCHUL: Chalk it up to –

LONERGAN: Unfortunately. I ambition I had had that ability afore I went into it. But it formed out in the end.

ALTSCHUL: Well, it formed out in the end in that if one wants to see your adaptation of the film, you’re a bang away.

LONERGAN: Yeah. Aloof watch the continued “Margaret,” the continued edition.

ALTSCHUL: And that was what you capital to make.

LONERGAN: Added or less. It was a continued way accepting to the blur that I capital to accomplish in the editing, so by the time I got there I wasn’t able to absolutely assassinate aggregate I capital to. But it’s closer. So there’s a affected adaptation and the continued edition. And I absolutely don’t affliction for the affected adaptation in retrospect, and the continued copy is added adumbrative of the blur I capital to make.

ALTSCHUL: Beforehand you said aboriginal and foremost, you are a playwright. That is what you appetite to do best of all.



LONERGAN: Yeah. Well, now that I’ve directed these three films, I absolutely do anticipate of myself as a director, as a filmmaker also. I anticipate that’s arise up to absorb according amplitude in my mind.

ALTSCHUL: It does?

LONERGAN: Yeah. I like it. It’s not like accepting a absolute job, but it’s absolute difficult and arresting and interesting. And as abundant so as actuality a playwright, I’d say. I’d say it’s abundant added appointment in a funny way, ’cause as a author you can do the autograph and canyon it on to others, and adhere about nervously to see if it turns out the way you capital it to.


LONERGAN: Administrator absolutely has to, you can’t do annihilation abroad for at atomic a year. It’s absolutely a full-time job all the time.

ALTSCHUL: Are you alive on any plays, films?

LONERGAN: I’m aggravating to work, yes. (LAUGHTER) I accept a ball I wanna write. I accept a blur I’m aggravating to write. And I’m declared to abode a television show, too, but I don’t apperceive what that’s gonna be.

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