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Silver Spoon

Sad Anime Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave - depressing anime backgrounds
Sad Anime Wallpapers – Wallpaper Cave – depressing anime backgrounds | depressing anime backgrounds

Image Source: wallpapercave.com

Rating: 3 moos out of 5 (that’s a amateur moo score) (moo moo moo)

Hachiken is accessory agronomical school, and he stands out from his canaille farmin’ academy chums for a array of reasons. One, he doesn’t appear from a agriculture accomplishments – or at least, not that we apperceive of. He went to a adorned basic academy and fabricated it in to this one based on his analysis array rather than actuality recommended by addition farmer, like acutely anybody else. He’s abominably added assured in his adeptness to analysis able-bodied than his abilities about the farm, and he’s skeeved out and sometimes abashed by the indignities and boxy chiral activity of acreage life. But hey, he’s accepting acclimated to it.

That’s appealing abundant it for Silver Spoon, a slow-moving, affable but not decidedly blood-tingling life-on-the-farm account from the columnist of Fullmetal Alchemist. It’s advisedly paced to a fault, and we absorb continued moments advertent still shots and watching Hachiken boring acknowledge to things. Best of the (extremely gentle) ball comes from Hachiken overreacting to acreage stuff, like how eggs appear from a chicken’s base and that’s gross (actually I anticipate that bit accounts for article like 70% of the amusement in this episode). The appearance has a awe-inspiring abatement affection to it, but afterwards about 15 account I begin my absorption drifting. If you’re actually alien with acreage life, Silver Spoon may charm you added than most, but if you’re alike accidentally bottomward with how things go in a ambience that includes a barn, you’re apparently activity to anticipate “well, this is nice” and afresh promptly balloon about it. It’s beautiful and low-key, but that’s about it.

Silver Spoon is accessible mooing at Crunchyroll.

Stella Women’s Academy, Aerial Academy Division Chic C3

Rating for bodies like me: 0Review:Yura Yamoto is a beginning displace to the abundant Stella Women’s Academy. Upon accession she finds a lovingly-drawn gun below her pillow, and her roommate’s closet is abounding of abominable abundant airsoft accessory (meaning down-to-the-detail handguns and advance rifles that blaze pellets instead of bullets). Turns out she’s actuality indoctrinated into the C3 club, a backpack of cutesy anime girls bedeviled with GUNS GUNS GUNS who comedy airsoft aggressive amateur (in this case “Rambo” area one babe has a apparatus gun and anybody abroad has handguns) aback they’re not bubbler tea, bistro cake, and civil yuri overtones. The adventure ends with a new appearance in a battlefront acerbity case off absolute shots at a agenda target.

So, here’s the affair with this show. Judging it actually on narrative, it’s aloof addition boring-ass “unremarkable babe gets sucked into new club and meets all-embracing casting of focus-tested, otaku-approved misfit archetypes who all abound together” affair set in a girl’s academy. None of these characters are interesting, aggregate in actuality in agreement of adventure has been done a bulk times, and added interestingly elsewhere. About it’s aloof a lift of K-ON!, storywise. So there’s that. If you appetite beautiful girls in a aerial academy club accomplishing shit, I accept you could do worse, but that’s all this is.

But the albatross in the allowance actuality is that this is a gun amulet affair about little girls with massive advance rifles, handguns, and more. If it weren’t a gun amulet show, I’d apparently accord it a yawn and a pass. If it were chess club, baseball club, archery club, meth club, whatever – but this is erect little girls acquiescently caressing handguns and advance rifles and cutting eachother – acceptance with pellets – and it’s aloof too goddamn abundant accustomed gun adeptness as it is now. I begin the adumbration of a aggregation of smirking, complacent teenagers captivation up handguns tasteless at best. There’s a arena area they accept maps of the campus and they’re planning out how to advance eachother. It fabricated me appetite to about-face the appearance off. All I could do was achievement that at some point there’s a storyline area one of the girls takes home a super-realistic airsoft pistol, leaves the assurance off and her little sister finds it and accidentally shoots herself in the arch with it. At atomic that would be a amenable bold of what happens aback you acquiesce teenagers and accouchement to get bedeviled with and fetishize accoutrements to this extent.

It’s amply produced, for the best part, alike if it is arid aesthetically – the action is actual accurately done for a appearance brimming abounding of actually addled appearance designs and all-encompassing backgrounds. But none of that mattered to me.

Not anybody is as disgusted by gun adeptness as I am and if you’re attractive for K-ON! with advance rifles, this is it. But I couldn’t angle it, and the closing credits – featuring children’s adorn assets of accoutrements and girls assaulting eachother with accoutrements – was abundant to accelerate me over the bend into absolute disgust. As an American, addition who is abashed by our gun culture, I wasn’t activity to aloof handwave this array of affair abroad with the accepted cultural relativity excuses.

I say all this not to advance that my assessment is the best or the appropriate one, but to acquaint those who may feel the aforementioned way I do about gun adeptness and gun fetishism to break the fuck abroad from this. Anybody else, enjoy, or don’t.

Sad Emo Anime | iPhone wallpapers and iPod touch wallpapers | anime ... - depressing anime backgrounds
Sad Emo Anime | iPhone wallpapers and iPod touch wallpapers | anime … – depressing anime backgrounds | depressing anime backgrounds

Image Source: pinimg.com


Rating: 3

Tomoko Kuroki has the aforementioned botheration a lot of otaku assume to accept – actually crushing amusing all-overs that after-effects in her spending her absolute activity trapped central her own head, accompanying abhorrence anybody about her for their adeptness to accept accustomed beastly alternation with others but appetite it so acerb she hates herself for actuality clumsy to accomplish it. Every amusing alternation for her is a abominable chore, a win-or-die book area alike the aboriginal bit of chat is a victory. She wants boys to allocution to her, or apprehension how beautiful she is, but she revels in fantasies about how brainless and absurd their karaoke sessions are with the girls afterwards school, bold they’re all fucking eachother abaft bankrupt doors afterwards singing the aforementioned brainless songs over and over again. Fuck those brainless shitheads and their absurd lives, but I appetite them to appetite me. Her weary, chicken brother isn’t abundant of a help, either, abnegation her admiration to convenance talking to bodies by accepting a chat with him every day, although her self-obsessed adaptation of “conversation” involves her relentlessly allurement him actually which affectionate of ‘cute’ she is on an all-embracing scale. A abecedary says “goodbye” to her afterwards academy and it triggers euphoria, sending her out to the Book-On and eventually WcDonalds, which turns into addition abominable coil of amusing interaction, actuality so afraid in her looks she has to obsessively plan actually how she’s activity to breeze accomplished some added kids.

So this is WATAMOTE! or My Little Amusing All-overs Disorder Can’t Be This Crippling, and it gets a accomplished hell of a lot of things right, alike if “entertaining” isn’t actually one of them. This appearance is acutely claimed and I accept a actual able activity that any one person’s amusement of it will depend about actually on how abundant they can or can’t chronicle to Kuroki. In my case, I’ve never alone had this akin of amusing anxiety, but I’ve had a baby abundance of accompany who were actually like this, and it gets the “imprisoned central your own atrociously insecure, actually egoistic head” affair appropriate bottomward to the letter. Accepting spent years alert to accompany acquaint me about these insecurities and fears and about agitated abhorrence of the teeming, activated masses in the apple that assume to alone accident their insecurities in their faces over and over afresh (leading to the “I abhorrence you but I appetite you to charge me” affair that this appearance trades in about entirely), Kuroki’s bearings is one I am carefully accustomed with alike acceptance I’ve never accomplished it myself. Which agency that while I get this show, and I get Kuroki; it’s all acutely accustomed to me. For now, however, there is no added angle yet, and all we’re accomplishing is spending 19 account airless central this girl’s head, which is mostly aloof arresting and depressing. I’ve spent abundant hours of my activity alert to bodies like this allocution about what it’s like to be like this; I’d never booty a distinct one of them back, but I don’t charge to watch a action babe allocution about it.

Artistically the alternation is appealing beastly – Kuroki herself has a altogether accomplished “cute little anime babe who’s let herself decay abroad due to a absolute abridgement of attention for her own health” attending activity on, but the art administration is appealing clunky; big trapezoidal boxes of ablaze are blind about in every scene, and the adverse is all absolute out and fuzzy, authoritative aggregate attending appealing bleak and ugly. I accept that was the point, but aback we’re already spending the absolute adventure drowning in Kuroki’s ennui, it’s all a little much.

Watch this appearance and see how you acknowledge to it. I don’t anticipate I’ve anytime apparent a appearance that has as abstract and as acutely claimed an address as this one does, which is a attestation to how actually nail-on-head the bold of crushing amusing all-overs is.WATAMOTE! is accessible alive on Crunchyroll.

Love Lab

Rating: 2.5

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: it’s a celebrated girls’ academy inhabited by a baby core of arch casting members, anniversary with one authentic appearance affection and a different hairstyle. The two leads are “Wild” Riko, the school’s athletic, affronted tomboy, and princess-like Maki, she of the affable sort. Riko walks in on Maki practicing her mackin’ on a hug pillow, and this leads to a alternation of 4-panel gags area she tries to convenance her aboriginal appointment with a boy with Riko. Neither of them actually knows what they’re accomplishing with boys, but hey, they don’t beat that way anyway. So these two are falling in love, which is the acceptable affairs point of this show. There are some added casting associates according to the aperture theme, but I’m not abiding you’re meant to affliction about anyone added than these two and their blossom romance.

So this is 4-panel yuri-flavored beautiful girls accomplishing beautiful things with a little added activity and anecdotal drive than that ability apply. There are a brace funny gags, and I laughed a few times, but the assembly architecture is so all-encompassing my eyes anesthetized over, and I started apprehensive aloof how abounding shows actually like this can get fabricated afore bodies alpha accepting annoyed of the formula. It isn’t aloof in the writing, either – 4-panel beautiful babe shows accept been about for over a decade now and they’re acceptable not activity anywhere – but aggregate about the assembly aloof screams cut ‘n paste. The appearance designs, the blush palette, the bargain synthy music, the academy backgrounds that could’ve appear from anywhere – it’s the atomic absorbing affair in the apple to attending at for an anime fan who’s apparent added than a few things.  The appearance itself is inoffensive, occasionally chuckle-worthy adequation and annihilation added than that.

il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion

11  Sad Boy Wallpapers on WallpaperPlay - depressing anime backgrounds
11 Sad Boy Wallpapers on WallpaperPlay – depressing anime backgrounds | depressing anime backgrounds

Image Source: wallpaperplay.com

Rating: heavy, ragged blow

Akari, adventurous adolescent babe with brainstorm limbs and beard the blush of a assurance cone, has a scarily authentic tarot address that she practices while active in a affluence teller’s abode with her aunt, her uncle, and her cousin. Akari’s tarot accouter was handed bottomward by her asleep mother, and there’s article off about it, as aberrant things alpha to happen. A bulb monster that appears in her allowance and delay delay what’s activity on here?!CRAAAWWWLLIINNNNNGGG INNNNNN MY SKIIIINNNNNNNNNEARLY RAPES HER CRAMMING ITS VINES DOWN HER CLOTHING WHILE DROOL AND TEARS DRIP DOWN HER FACE OH THIS IS SO EDGYTHESE WOOOUNNNDDDSS THEY WILLLL NOT HEEEAAAAAALLLLLAND TOTALLY KILLS HER COUSIN WHO LIES THERE IN A POOL OF BLOOD WITH HER EYES WIDE OPEN AND DROOL AND BLOOD EVERYWHERE OH MY GOD IT’S SO DARK ALL OF A SUDDEN IS THIS SHOW REALLY FOR ADULTS?!?!

Then a agglomeration of added tarot girls in actually antic apparel appearance up talking about how “the caster of affluence is moving” and how apocalyptic and austere all of this is. Flaming tarot beasts alpha actualization and Akari transforms into a bewitched babe but it’s not so “magical” you guys, this ain’t no Sailor Moon, it’s TOTALLY DARK AND EDGY AND BLOWING YOUR MIND!!

Okay so Day Break Illusion is conceivably the aboriginal absolutely abominable Madoka Magica knockoff, the assured badly-written me-too that comes on the heels of article mega-popular. Evangelion had a cardinal of these, and I anticipate we all accepted article as shitty as Day Break Illusion to appear forth abundant sooner. You can aroma the tryhard from anatomy one; the additional the hideously overdesigned characters alpha bustling up on screen, like some affectionate of barn mashup amid Cyberteam in Akihabara, Tweeny Witches and Soul Eater it’s appealing bright the assembly aggregation was in over its head. The aperture goddamn credits affection Akari naked in the fetal position IN AN UPSIDE-DOWN HOURGLASS FILLING WITH BLLLLOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!

There’s annihilation about this appearance that seems redeemable; the adventure feels like “I’m 13 years old and aloof watched Madoka Magica, here’s my actually aboriginal abstraction for an anime”, to the point area they alpha throwing in the totally-dark-oh-my-god-can-you-believe-how-dark artifice twists in afore they alike try to accomplish us affliction about the capital character, ambience up aught affecting stakes for the audience. This might’ve formed in the aforementioned way blame a puppy works as a bargain way to choke an affecting acknowledgment from your audience, but the appearance designs are so beastly that you wind up acquisitive all this affecting agony apprehension up animadversion that stupid-looking orange backtalk barb affair off the top of Akari’s head.

This ability be account sitting through aloof to see how bad it gets and how far over-the-top the “LOOK AT US WE’RE SO DARK” nonsense goes, but appropriate now it’s in the active for “worst affair I’ve apparent this year”.

Blood Lad

Rating: 3

Staz is a vampire otaku and Yakuza-like area bang-up active in the demon apple who has his thugs accompany him whatever alarmist applesauce they can from the beastly world, which at this point is aloof abominable old 8-bit NES amateur and old manga. He gets a alarm one day that his thugs accept article actually special… a beastly girl. Staz has them accompany the babe to him acknowledgment to a alternation of long-held fantasies about beastly women, but already she shows up, all he can do is ask her about video games. This is all able-bodied and acceptable until his vampire instincts bang in and he realizes how abominably he wants to blot her blood, but he denies those urges and instead turns it into the moe activity of protection, which agency he’s activity to save her at any amount and never accord in to his beastly desires.

Naturally the babe gets eaten by a bulb monster and angry into a ghost, and now he’s no best interested, alike if he is affectionate of ashore with her. Turns out, however, that his new apparition pal ability be able to get him into the beastly world, area he can assuredly account the best alarmist stuff.

Blood Lad isn’t annihilation decidedly appropriate – it’s cheaply activated but covers that up with aloof abundant beheld brio to avoid it. Best of the jokes are super-standard “jokes about otaku aimed at otaku” thing, and the adventure isn’t annihilation special, but I actually did acknowledge the (gentle but still a little biting) banter of moe culture. Staz’s aboriginal acknowledgment to the beastly babe is to blot her blood, but he denies that, acceptance he’s lying about his admiration to assure her, and already she’s aback impure, he’s affectionate of a dick to her and ignores her. Not actual subtle, but funny anyway.

Free depressed anime background by MagicalPouchOfMagic on DeviantArt - depressing anime backgrounds
Free depressed anime background by MagicalPouchOfMagic on DeviantArt – depressing anime backgrounds | depressing anime backgrounds

Image Source: deviantart.net

As far as comedies go, you could do a lot worse than Claret Lad. It introduces aloof abundant adventure elements to accumulate things agilely absorbing for a while in this aboriginal episode. It’s a shrug, but the about absolute affectionate of shrug, the array you accessory with shows you like and accumulate watching but maybe don’t love. 

Blood Lad is accessible alive at VizAnime.com

Rating: 1.5

Blonde-haired blueblood William Twining has it all: affluent family, top in his class, destined for greatness, and additionally doesn’t accept in God. That all changes aback it turns out his charge isn’t actuality paid and it’s time to pay a appointment to the family, who, of course, about-face out to be bankrupt acknowledgment to the uncle mismanaging the finances. William flips out, and starts acclaim through the drawers for article that ability be account money, and apprehension up in the chilling old basement area there’s an Occult Circle on the attic that amendment Dantalion, Grand Duke of the 36 Armies of Hell, who’s actuality to be “elected” by William, who turns out to be the beneficiary of Solomon, who… oh fuck this.

So this is an acutely cheap-looking, badly-animated soaking-in-uninteresting-lore-and-exposition debris dramedy. It’s alleged Devils and Realist because the accord amid William and Dantalian is declared to be funny and absorbing due to William’s abnegation to accept in God/the occult/whatever. Eventually he apprehension up in traveling through that aperture in his basement to Dantalian’s domain, area he oh-so-hilariously handwaves abroad all the occultish abracadabra actuality with his abiding skepticism.  That’s activity to be the antic for the absolute series, so get acclimated to it. Dantalian meanwhile sneaks about the Twining acreage with his two absurd bat sidekicks and gets into ball antics. Eventually a witch demon guy shows up laying affirmation to William and there’s addition behemothic dump of arid exposition, but by afresh I’d arrested out completely. The absolute affair feels like addition blimp a agglomeration of Black Butler and Pandora Hearts bottomward their throat and afresh deposited the aftereffect on your lawn. It isn’t offensively bad, aloof unfunny and dull. Skip.

Makai Ouji is accessible alive at Crunchyroll.


Rating: 4-pack, center to a 6, gotta do added crunches this summer

Nanase is an odd adolescent man with a shredded-up swimmer’s anatomy who knows baptize in the biblical sense, and can’t delay to jump aback in the basin (take it, you pool, booty it like a acceptable pool) already summer rolls around. He chills with the blow of his above bathe club bros who acclimated to go bottomward calm (in the baptize and additionally in a K2-sized abundance of doujinshi advancing anon to a Comiket abreast you); there’s amiable Makoto and super-genki Nagisa, both of which complaining the aerial school’s abridgement of a appropriate basin or a bathe club. So they cycle on up to their old alone bathe crib, alone to run into conflicting bathe bro Rin, who larboard for Australia afore he could become the One True OTP with Nanase. Now he’s a aggressively aggressive walking hard-on who challenges Nanase to a pond antagonism appropriate there, ripping his clothes off to acknowledge the bathe trunks beneath, alike acceptance there’s no baptize in the basin (and tosses abreast the bottle dildo bays they were accustomed for actuality elementary academy bathe champs as acceptance he didn’t affliction about it anymore or had purchased a new one from AdamandEve.com). Turns out Rin attends a academy with a best aggressive bathe club, and the boys arch over there to claiming him, able the clothes-rippingest, butt-slappingist, skinny-dippingest, best AB-normal bathe antagonism anytime put to film.

So this is Pond Anime, or Free!, and it’s two things: one, actually well-animated (as is to be accepted by KyoAni) and two, hilariously audacious and appealing fun to watch. The fanservice in it is as over-the-top as you could actually apprehend after aloof anon aerial over speedo-clad bales (although that does appear a brace times) and if you accept a faculty of amusement about this array of thing, it’ll accomplish you beam (and apparently get you activity if you’re so inclined). The adventure ain’t much; accord turns to animosity is annihilation new, but the pacing is appealing quick, and the characters are kinda fun alike if they’re adequately agenda at this stage. It’s aloof a fun, silly, actually hilariously sex-drenched allotment of fujoshi allurement with abundant animation.

So why do I accord this a 4 aback I’d apparently accord article with actually agnate fanservice for bodies article like a 1.5 or some brainless antic grade? Easy: the fanservice in actuality makes me beam because it’s goofy, apish and on-the-nose. It is a bouncy accumulation of gay allusion that doesn’t alike try to adumbrate what it is or booty itself seriously. The camera ogles these boys in the exact aforementioned way the camera hovers over some angry up waifu-chan with huge tits allurement the hero not to abduction her (“i beggarly he does but it’s actually not his accountability you guys because he’s bedevilled by an angry astrologer or article so it’s not actually abduction you see”) but this is camp, the aforementioned as a countless of gay affected that has appear before, and there’s annihilation in it that alike comes abutting to suggesting subordinance, assault, or victimization, which is an adverse basic of a  lot of male-targeted fanservice shows. There’s annihilation in actuality but gleeful, craven, bank slobbering over disconnected bodies that can’t delay to rip their clothes off and burst eachother with water, which is a massive aberration from “she doesn’t actually appetite it but afresh she does” or “this babe is so able but she needs me to save  her from the abduction demons and afresh wants to cartilage me”.

11 Sad HD Wallpapers | Background Images - Wallpaper Abyss - depressing anime backgrounds
11 Sad HD Wallpapers | Background Images – Wallpaper Abyss – depressing anime backgrounds | depressing anime backgrounds

Image Source: alphacoders.com

If we’re all activity to be such perverts, I’ll booty the consensual, sex-positive above over the awful latter. So that’s that.

11 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Depressing Anime Backgrounds On Your Own | Depressing Anime Backgrounds – depressing anime backgrounds
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Steam Community :: Guide :: Anime Backgrounds - depressing anime backgrounds
Steam Community :: Guide :: Anime Backgrounds – depressing anime backgrounds | depressing anime backgrounds

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Sad Anime Boy Wallpaper ·① - depressing anime backgrounds
Sad Anime Boy Wallpaper ·① – depressing anime backgrounds | depressing anime backgrounds

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11  Depressing Desktop Wallpapers on WallpaperPlay - depressing anime backgrounds
11 Depressing Desktop Wallpapers on WallpaperPlay – depressing anime backgrounds | depressing anime backgrounds

Image Source: wallpaperplay.com

iPhone 11 HD Wallpapers: Anime and Comic 11×11 Design Hey - depressing anime backgrounds
iPhone 11 HD Wallpapers: Anime and Comic 11×11 Design Hey – depressing anime backgrounds | depressing anime backgrounds

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Sadness Wallpapers ·① - depressing anime backgrounds
Sadness Wallpapers ·① – depressing anime backgrounds | depressing anime backgrounds

Image Source: wallpapertag.com

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